bitB is an elite coaching for profit community founded by Patrick Leonard (Pads1161), Samuel Vousden (€urop€an) and Tomi Brouk (elmerixx). Our mission is to help tournament players reach their true potential. Coaching for profit is a structure where you receive training from world-class tournament players in exchange for a share of your future profits. If you don't win anything, we don't get anything! This guarantees that we are 100% dedicated to ensuring that you achieve your full potential.

bitB is renowned for having the best MTT coaches in the industry, who have years of experience in dominating both live and online MTTs. You will get access to private coaching sessions, a Discord community with an open channel to communicate with coaches and the chance to make lifelong friendships with like-minded players. We are more than just a coaching service - we are a community of people who share the same goal of being the BEST IN THE BUSINESS when it comes to playing poker.

If you are looking to push yourself and to elevate your game to the next level, bitB community is THE PLACE for you.

What We Do

Why bitB

Elite Mentoring

Not only will you have access to coaching from everybody within bitB and be in a global community, we will also provide you a smaller network with a dedicated mentor that has been where you currently are and crushed it. Every inch of your journey with bitB has been planned in detail.


Regular Live streams of the highest stake games in the world, tournament reviews, final table replay breakdowns, deepstack post flop, out of position, in position, ICM, PSKOs, quizzes, Q&As and much much more.

World Class Community

Connect with the hungriest and most successful MTT players in the world. From 15+ year veterans to the newest up and coming crushers. Log in to the discord any hour, any day, any week and somebody will be online to speak high level poker with you. This is your new home.

bitB Players

Who We Are Looking For

Serious MTT players that are looking to take their game to the next level.

You are willing to work hard and push yourself.

Both Live and Online players are accepted as long as you are playing relevant volume.

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